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02-12-2016 | Latest News , Middle East

Syria, Aleppo: Tens of thousands on the move desperately seeking safety


As the battle for Aleppo intensifies, 20,000 people have fled their homes over the past 72 hours.

In the East, there have been intensified attacks on the neighbourhoods of Masakan Hananoo, Jabal Jabro and Sakhour. The majority of those fleeing are families, many with babies and young children. Looking for a safe place, the main collective shelter is in the Jibreen, southeast of Aleppo, where an old factory is being used to house over 8,000 people.  

Already full to capacity, a second centre (Mahalej) nearby is ready for the next influx of people with the Syria Arab Red Crescent (SARC) volunteers preparing make shift beds.

Arriving with nothing and unable to charge their phones, families are stuck without being able to contact family and friends where they could stay.  The unsanitary conditions are being made worse as winter takes hold and temperatures drop and many are falling sick.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is on the ground supporting the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) to help people with their most basic needs of food, water, shelter and medical care.  Big water tanks are being installed and water points set up.  Many medical cases are being referred to the hospital for advanced treatment.

It has been seven months since ICRC’s repeated calls and attempts to get aid into eastern Aleppo have proved fruitful but today (30 November) the ICRC gained access to parts of Eastern Aleppo.  The humanitarian organisation entered the area of Hanono, recently retaken by Government forces, to evaluate the damage there.

The number of displaced is changing fast as many families choose to leave the collective shelters while others continue to arrive. Under international humanitarian law, people fleeing fighting must be guaranteed safe passage, as well as basic necessities such as food, shelter, safe drinking water and medical care.

For further information, please contact:
Pawel Krzysiek, ICRC Damascus, mobile: +963 993 700 847

Krista Armstrong, ICRC Geneva: mobile:  +41 79 447 37 26

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When using the pictures please credit @ ICRC/Sana Tarabish, 29 November 2016, Jibreen, southeast of Aleppo, Syria


Location: Jibreen, southeast of Aleppo, Syria

Length: 3:30

Format: HD H264 mov

ICRC ref: AV573N

Date: 29 November 2016

Copyright: ICRC access all

0:00 Various of displaced people and SARC & ICRC workers

0:47 New arrivals of displaced people getting off bus

2:05 inside Jibreen crowded shelter

2:21 CU of child

2:42 Elderly man crying

2:44 Syria Arab Red Crescent volunteers preparing beds in new shelter in Mahalej

3:18 SARC & ICRC water points

3:30 END



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