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07-04-2022 | Latest News , Europe & Central Asia

Ukraine: ICRC witnesses scenes of devastation in Bucha


« All photos – Alyona Synenko/ICRC »

On April 5, 2022, an ICRC team visited Bucha. They saw devastating scenes of destruction. They saw people in desperate need of basics for survival. They saw streets littered with unexploded ordnances.

People they met were deeply traumatized. When they started to talk to someone, people immediately begun crying. One man hadn’t slept for a month and a half. It’s difficult to comprehend what people have endured.

The most vulnerable people, like the elderly, the sick, and people who can’t go anywhere are alone in their apartments with no heating, no water, and no electricity. Those that can build a fire collectively in the street and cook outside. They bring this food to people who need support.

You can see a lot of unexploded ordnances on the streets. Our weapons contamination specialist marked a number to let people know not to come near them. They could kill people, leaving people with life-altering injuries, and must be removed. Our team brought food, water, and some relief items like tarpaulins, and will continue to provide support to the community.

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