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27-03-2022 | Latest News , Europe & Central Asia

Ukraine: Food and relief items reach Kharkiv as ICRC scales up assistance


Sixty tons of food and relief items arrived in the city of Kharkiv on Saturday 26 March as the ICRC scales up its response to the devastating humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, amidst skyrocketing needs.

Maxime Zabaloueff from ICRC said the assistance is for “the people who have suffered the terrible consequences of the shelling on this city…the ICRC is there to support them.”

The assistance includes food, water and essential hygiene items and will be distributed by the Ukrainian Red Cross to people affected by the armed conflict, such as those taking shelter in the metro station of Kharkiv.

The ICRC is scaling up its humanitarian response across in several areas, including cities like Kharkiv, Kyiv, Poltava, Dnipro and Odessa, to address the rapidly evolving situation. Medical supplies and other essential aid are being transported to locations across the country.

The ICRC has also sent more than 140 additional staff to the region, among them medical workers including surgeons, psychologists, weapon contamination specialists, engineers, logisticians, and others who can make an immediate difference to people in need.

In the coming days, the ICRC will work to ensure essential aid items continue to reach people in need of assistance in Kharkiv and other cities.

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Kharkiv, Ukraine, 26/03/2022. Courtesy: ICRC


00:00 – 00:22

Trucks on the road to Kharkiv


00:22 – 00:36

Trucks arrived at Ukrainian Red Cross Society warehouse


00:36 – 01:16

Soundbite from ICRC staff:

“Today we are in Kharkiv with the ICRC team where we distributed 60 tons of food and non-food items for the people who have suffered from the terrible consequences of the shelling on the city. This humanitarian assistance will be distributed by the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. This has been put in their warehouse for further allocation to the people in need who took, for instance, took shelter in the metro station of Kharkiv. We hope to continue this distribution assistance through them for the benefit of the civilians who are in need of assistance from all possible natures and the ICRC is there to support them.”


01:16 – 01:40

ICRC and Ukrainian Red Cross workers unloading mattresses and other aid from the trucks into the warehouse. (2 shots)



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