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23-03-2022 | Latest News , Europe & Central Asia

Ukraine: People fleeing hostilities provided with a place to rest at Dnipro Railway Station


Dnipro Railway Station is a hub for thousands of internally displaced people from all over Ukraine. People fleeing from hostilities arrive at Dnipro, some to settle in this city and some stopping off on their way to somewhere else.

 Olha, Olena and Dmytro from Dobropolie (Donetsk region) are leaving Ukraine in search of safety abroad. Like so many others they have been waiting for a train for hours. Yet, when talking about their future hopes and desires, Olena said: “I want to come back home”.

 On 17 March, the ICRC provided 400 sleeping mats to be distributed by the Ukrainian Red Cross (URCS) to people sheltering in Dnipro Railway station. The ICRC provided a further 100 mats to people in other temporary accommodation in the city. Snacks and some warm meals are also provided at the shelters. The URCS volunteers, supported by the ICRC, have been offering food and hygiene items to people at the station, including water, tea, snacks, soap, toilet paper, paper towels and diapers.


00:00     ICRC colleagues and Ukrainian Red Cross Society volunteers bringing sleeping mats to the sheltering area in Dnipro Railway Station.

01:30     Soundbite Olha from Dobropolie (Donetsk region)

“Conditions are OK. We got here by bus. We are waiting for the train. It is late. At about 8:30 there is a curfew. We are staying near the police, where things are under control, let’s say. Now everything is OK.”

01:48     Soundbite Olena from Dobropolie (Donetsk region)

“The guys are great. They welcomed us and provided with food.”

01:54     Soundbites Ohla, Dmytro, Olena

Ohla: If there is something to come back to, we will come back, of course.

Dmytro: I would like to come back as soon as possible.

Olena: We want to come back home.

02:02     ENDS

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