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24-02-2022 | Latest News , Europe & Central Asia

ICRC President Peter Maurer calls for the protection of civilians in Ukraine

My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, who woke up this morning to escalating conflict in their country. I am extremely concerned for their safety.

 The consequences of the latest fighting are immediate: Within minutes, people have had to leave their lives behind in a desperate search for a safe haven.

 The International Committee of the Red Cross continues to stand with the people of Ukraine. Our teams are at work right now aiding those in need.

 I am calling for 3 things to happen today:

·         Parties to the conflict must respect the rules of warfare. Protect civilians and detainees. Spare the critical infrastructure that keeps homes, schools and medical facilities running.

·         All states must do everything in their power and influence to avoid escalating a conflict whose cost falls heaviest on the civilian populations.

·         Neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian action must be protected so that the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement can provide vital services to civilians.

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