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13-03-2020 | Latest News , Middle East

Syria: After almost decade lost to violence, emergency and long-term needs are vast

The crisis in Syria is moving into its tenth year. For almost a decade, Syrians have endured endless destruction, loss and suffering. Syria’s towns and cities are witness to the devastation.

The statistics are stark: more than 11 million Syrians rely on aid, tens of thousands remain missing, one in every two Syrians is displaced and at least two million children have had their education disrupted or not had a chance to even start it.

Throughout the country, many millions of people need support in rebuilding their lives and livelihoods. Basic services, hospitals and schools need to be rebuilt. Houses and land need to be cleared of unexploded ammunition.

Jobs and sources of income need to be created and maintained. People need help dealing with the physical and mental consequences of what they have lived through. Water pipes need to be replaced to avoid water trucking for years. Syria’s towns and cities are witness to the devastation.

The ICRC, along with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and our other Movement partners, is ready to increase its humanitarian response to meet the vast needs, and has urged all parties to provide access and security guarantees so that they can adequately respond to the enormous needs on both sides of the frontlines.

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Location: Syria

Camera / Producer: Various

Length: 03’19’’

ICRC ref: 20200313-Syria-10thyear

Date: 2013 – Present (11.03.20)

Copyright: ICRC access all

00.00   ICRC and SARC entering SARC city (February 2020)

00:18   Destroyed buildings in Aleppo Old City (August 2019)

00:30   Destroyed buildings in Handarat, Aleppo (August 2019)

00:37   Syrian people crossing the border in to Turkey (February 2013)

00:51   Qah displacement camp Idlib (May 2013)

01:06   Al-Saghir family living in destroyed building in Jabal Badro, Eastern Aleppo (November 2015)

01:21   SOUNDBITE Amina al-Saghir (in Arabic) “I am very worried about the upcoming winter because last winter was tough and we struggled. My children are very sick because we have no heater no covers no mattresses, we have absolutely nothing. Our house was damaged in shelling and all our properties were destroyed.” (November 2015)

01:41   ICRC and SARC entering besieged town of Moaddamiyeh (February 2016)

01:52   SOUNDBITE Salam "My name is Salam, I'm 14 years old with kidney failure. We are not allowed to live out our childhood.  We have no sweets to eat and nothing to keep us warm.  Why are they doing this to us? We want the roads to be open again, our house is fully destroyed."

2:17     People receiving aid in Moaddamiyeh (February 2016)

2:26     Al Hol Camp (May 2019)

2.37     Omar receiving treatment in Al Hol Camp (May 2019)




Duration : 3m 12s
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On Screen Credit: ICRC or logo

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