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02-12-2019 | Latest News , Middle East

Syria's Cities: Witness to Destruction and Loss

Syria’s conflict has lasted almost nine years. For most of us it is impossible to imagine such endless destruction and suffering.

But Syria’s towns and cities, once homes to millions of families, are witness to the devastation.

In Aleppo, Deir Ezzour and rural Damascus, and other cities across the country, the scars of war are everywhere to be seen. More efforts are needed so that these ruined streets and houses be home again to the millions of Syrians who have had to flee.

Basic services, hospitals and schools need to be rebuilt. Houses and land need to be cleared of unexploded ammunition. Sources of income and jobs need to be created. Water pipes need to be replaced to avoid water trucking for years.

In this rare footage, the ICRC presents graphic evidence of the staggering consequences this conflict has had on Syria. Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and rural Damascus are just some of the examples. No words are needed, the cities speak for themselves.


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