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27-06-2019 | Latest News , Africa

Mali: Survivors of village attack get food, medical care and psychological support

Since the beginning of the year, four major attacks have taken place against villages in Central Mali, a worrying trend underscoring the deteriorating security situation and growing communal tensions.

On June 22, food and essential household items have been delivered by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to the survivors of an attack on the village of Sobané Da in Central Mali.

Marc Dara, one of the victims of the attack on Sobané Da, is now in Koundou 12km away, with the rest of the survivors of the attack. “I was inside my house when the village was attacked. They burnt my house, stole my cattle, and killed one of my elder brothers. The idea of going back to Sobané Da gives shivers to many of us. A lot of people cry at night and have nightmares.”

At the ICRC-supported hospital in Mopti, 43 people are currently receiving health care for physical wounds and psychological needs. It is the invisible wounds buried deep in people’s hearts and memories that are likely to leave more lasting scars.


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Location: Sobane Da and Koundou villages (Mali)

Language: Dogon

Length: 03 minutes 32 seconds

Format: Mpeg4

Camera: Salomon Guindou

Filming date: 17.06.2019 and 22.06.2019

Copyright: ICRC access all


Interview with Marc Dara from Sobane Da, who fled to Koundou village

00:00–00:20              2 Shots of Marc Dara

00:20–00:26             Given the scale of the destruction in the village, all the survivors from Sobane Da are here in Koundou.

00:26–00:30             The prospect of returning to Sobane Da is psychologically disturbing for many of us.

00:30–00:39             Some start trembling at the mere thought of going back. Others are troubled by dreams or crying in their sleep.


Interview with Abraham Dara from Sobane Da, who has returned to his village after fleeing the events

00:39–00:43              This is my uncle’s house.

00:43–00:48              When we arrived after the terrible events there were dead bodies everywhere. Some were out here, others were inside the house.

00:48–00:54              In this house we found 9 bodies in total.

00:54–01:03              Only 3 members of this family survived – 2 girls and a boy.

01:03–01:09              They are not here. The others are dead.


Interview with Amagouno Dara, chief of the village of Sobane Da, currently in Koundou village

01:09–01:15             My name is Amagouno Dara. I am the chief of the village of Sobane Da.

01:15–01:26              The attack caused a lot of damage. Many people died. Some of the bodies were reduced to ash by the fire.

01:26–01:32              My younger brother, a herder, was killed in the attack.

01:32–01:39              One of my sisters was also killed that day.

01:39–01:49              We’re staying in this school. We don’t have enough food. Thank you for helping to relieve our suffering.


Interview with Yakéné Dara from Sobane Da

01:49–02:26             3 shots of Yakéné Dara taken after she received food in Koundou village, where she has sought refuge

02:26–02:29             My name is Yakéné Dara.

02:29–02:41             Not much is left in our village Sobane Da. So much was destroyed.

02:41–02:49             My brother Aninwé, his wife, his eldest son and his grandchildren were all injured in the fire.

02:49–02:59             He was luckier than some. He was taken to Mopti to be treated for his burns.

02:59–03:05             My other brother Apilène is dead. He and his whole family were killed.

03:05–03:12             Apart from one of the boys, who lives in the city, the entire family perished in the fire.

03:12 – 03:32           2 shots showing Abraham Dara (2nd ITW) walking through the rubbles of Sobane Da.


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