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21-06-2018 | Latest News , Asia & Pacific

Rare Footage From Rakhine State: Isolation And Communities In Need


Since violence broke out in Rakhine state in August 2017, hundreds of thousands of people have fled to Bangladesh, and those remaining have suffered from lack of access to markets, livelihoods and healthcare.

Food is short partly because there are no labourers to tend the rice paddies, and partly because local marketplaces have shut down. People are finding it harder to move around and cannot carry out their livelihoods such as fishing. The price of transport has skyrocketed.

The Red Cross Movement has been the only humanitarian organisation on the ground in Rakhine State until recently, and has so far assisted almost 300,000 people since the violence broke out, with food, safe water, shelter, heathcare and livelihood assistance. It is currently doubling food rations to tide people through the rainy season.

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Location: Rakhine State, Myanmar

Shelter reinforcement project in Pauktaw Islands

Myanmar, Rakhine State, Pauktaw islands, Sittwe town, Nyaung Pin Chaing village, May 2018. Most of the houses on these remote islands near Sittwe were destroyed by Cyclone Mora in May 2017. ICRC is strengthening more than 350 houses, and will train local carpenters in how to strengthen the floors, walls and roofs of houses to make them more resistant to cyclones. The carpenters will be paid, bringing both income and resilience to the community.

 00:00 – 00:32 Community members of Pauktaw Islands gather near their homes.

00:33 – 00:52 Khine Nu, a mother of six, descends a ladder from her house, which was destroyed during Cyclone Mora. ICRC will help to rebuild it.

00:53 – 01:09 Cut away of Khine Nu’s house, and dog.

01:09 – 01:28 Khine Nu and her children stand in front of their house.

01:29 – 01:48 Khine Nu grab (in Burmese): “All my things were destroyed by the wind and the floods. Me and the children ran away from the house to the monastery and stayed there. I had nothing left, we didn’t even breakfast and dinner and we faced many troubles.”

01:49 - 02:01 Khine Nu grab (In Burmese) “I cried, I had many children, where do I go, where do we stay.”

02:01 - 02:22 ICRC field officer explains the project to villagers.

02:23 – 02:33 Cut away of beachside houses, Pauktaw Islands, Rakhine State. Villagers wave goodbye.

02:34 – 2:42 ICRC staff walk towards boat

02:43 – 02:50 villagers wave goodbye to team on boat

02:51 – 02:58 GVs shoreline from boat

02:59 – 03:21 ICRC team descends boat in Pauktaw Islands, and walks to village.


Toilet project in A Pauk Wa Village Tract

Myanmar, Rakhine State, Kyauk Taw Township, A Pauk Wa Village Tract. May 2018. The ICRC team in Mrauk U, together with Myanmar Red Cross Society, is providing a total of 1,500 families with toilet construction materials such as pipes, roofing sheets, frames, concrete covers and rings and other hardware. Communities have been given training and are building the toilets themselves. 

03:22 – 03:56 Male and female workers make concrete toilet rings, shovelling concrete and carrying buckets for toilet project in A Pauk Wa Village Tract

03:57 – 04:20 woman enters her new toilet, cleans it, at A Pauk Wa Village Tract


Emergency Aid Items distribution to Nga Ku Ya Village Tract

Myanmar, Rakhine state, Maungdaw township, Nga Ku Ya village tract. March 2018. The Red Cross Movement distributed emergency aid to people in Nga Ku Ya village tract. The community received food and other aid from Red Cross, including canned fish, rice, oil, tea, sugar, salt, blankets and water filters. Aid was distributed to Hindu, Rakhine and Muslim communities. The Red Cross has other projects at Nga Ku Ya including providing seeds, fixing water pumps and healthcare.   

04:21 – 04:33 ICRC staff on a boat between Sittwe and Buthedaung

04:34 – 04:46 Boy drives cows along street in Maungdaw

04:47 – 05:10 ICRC workers at the Maungdaw warehouse load a truck with emergency aid items destined for Nga Ku Ya village tract, including canned fish, rice, oil, tea, sugar, salt, blankets and water filters. Aid was distributed to Hindu, Rakhine and Muslim communities.


Emergency Aid Items distribution in Maungdaw Township

Myanmar, Rakhine state, Maungdaw township, December 2017

The Red Cross Movement distributed blankets, rice, peas and other items such as hygiene kits and dignity kits to those affected by the outbreak of violence. The families also received winter seeds and fertilizers so that they could grow vegetables in their backyards.

05:11 – 05:13 Members of the community and Red Cross volunteers help unload trucks during a distribution near Maungdaw

05:13 – 05:21 women laugh as they try to carry a load of blankets on their heads

05:22 – 05:27 Community members and Red Cross volunteers carry sacks of rice 

05:27 – 05:34 Members of community and Red Cross volunteers stack bags of rice to for distribution in Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State.


Seed Distribution in Maungdaw Township

Myanmar, Rakhine state, Maungdaw township, Min Kha Maung village. December 2017. The Red Cross Movement registering names and distributing winter seeds, fertilizers and food items such as rice, peas, sugar, salt, cereal as well as hygiene kits and dignity kits. During the winter, the nights get colder so the Red Cross team has also included blankets in the distribution.

05:34 – 05:47 ICRC car passing through a wooden bridge which is still under construction to get to Min Ka Maung village for seed distribution in Rakhine State.

05:47 – 06:04 Each household of Min Ka Maung receives seeds and fertilizers while members of community give a helping hand with the distribution.

06:04 – 06:14 A woman living in Min Ka Maung village lifts a bag of fertilizer onto her head to carry

06:02 – 06:50 Members of community pouring fertilizer into their sacks.

06:50 – 07:10 ICRC truck goes off road, trying to get access to the station hospital in Kyauk Taw township at the beginning of monsoon.


Length: 7m:10s

Format: HD H264 mov


Camera: Corinne Ambler, Hla Yamin Eain

ICRC ref: AV890N

Date: various

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