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21-08-2017 | Latest News , Middle East

Iraq: First time aid enters West Mosul

The International Committee of the Red Cross is carrying out a major distribution of food and other essential items to more than 64,000 people in West Mosul. This is not only the first such distribution of its kind since the western part of the city was recaptured by the authorities on 10th July, but the first major delivery of aid to the area since Mosul was cut off from the world in 2014.


Much of West Mosul has been devastated by the fighting, with private homes, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, electricity plants and water systems in ruins. The population –the few who had stayed throughout the military offensive, families who returned home, and those displaced from other inaccessible yet neighborhoods– have to struggle to put food on the table. Access to food or water is either limited, or high market prices make essential supplies out of reach for many.


At the same time, wounded people keep arriving to medical facilities, after being wounded by unexploded ordnance hidden under the rubble of their homes.


Since the Mosul operations started in October 2016, the ICRC has helped more than 1.4 million people, including internally displaced, returnees, and host communities.



For further information, please contact:
Sarah Alzawqari, ICRC Baghdad, tel: +964 790 191 6927

Iolanda Jaquemet, ICRC Geneva, +41 79 447 37 26



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Filming date: 16.08.2017

Location: West Mosul, Nineveh Governorate, Iraq

Camera: Ibrahim Sherkhan

ICRC ref: AV 683N


Video 1: West Mosul Distribution


More than 26,500 people (returnees and residents) in West Mosul received food, hygiene, and non-food items.


00:00-00:28    Different shots from inside and outside the car showing aid convoys on the way to west Mosul


00:29-01:00    Close shots to ICRC EcoSec delegate Abbas Adam Ishag with reading the names of people who will receive aid. IRCS staff are helping Abbas


01:01-04:33    Different shots of people receiving food parcels inside the school. The shots also showing students in the school during the distribution, this shows the return of life in West Mosul


Video 2: Interview with Layal Neaimeh Deputy Head of Sub-Delegation – Mosul.



Duration : 4m 33s
Size : 428.3 MB
On Screen Credit: ICRC or logo

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