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20-01-2017 | Africa

Nigeria: ICRC surgical teams caring for wounded after air strikes Press Release

Abuja (ICRC) - Three days after air strikes at a settlement for internally displaced people at Rann in Nigeria, two surgical teams from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) with the help of one Nigerian surgeon continue to care for those wounded in the blasts.

Around 100 injured people were evacuated from Rann to Maiduguri. Two surgical teams in Maiduguri have been operating on the most seriously wounded, including more than 20 children.

"Patients were taken to operating theatres based on medical priority. By Friday morning, 24 of the most critically injured patients had been operated on. Forty-four more patients will be operated on later today and tomorrow," said ICRC surgeon, Dr Laurent Singa. "One of our challenges was that there were many children, some of whom did not have a family member with them. The Nigerian Red Cross volunteers have been doing a wonderful job taking care of them."

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