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04-11-2016 | Europe & Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan: Prison nurses at Institution 31 get extra training Press Release


The nurses of Penal Institution 31 are currently following an "Advanced life-support measures" course.

"The course consists of 150 hours of theoretical and practical training, and will be run without affecting the health service at Institution 31," explained Dr Gulina Omukeeva, head of the Emergency Medical Training Centre of the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute for Retraining and Qualifications (KSMI). "Instructors from the KSMI will standardize the training of the nurses in accordance with the national programme for continuing education."

The course is a joint project involving the State Service for the Execution of Punishments, the Ministry of Health and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Kyrgyzstan.

Run by KSMI instructors, the course at Penal Institution 31 started on 24 October and will end on 23 December 2016.

Students and instructors pose for a course photo.

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