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19-12-2016 | Latest News , Middle East

Syria, Aleppo: Evacuation resumes


Early this morning, Monday 19th December, all sides to the conflict gave renewed security guarantees to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Both organizations were able to resume evacuating the thousands of people in need from Eastern Aleppo City.

The evacuation will likely take several more days to complete. As yet, more than 15,000 people have been able to leave Eastern Aleppo City for rural areas in Aleppo and Idlib. SARC and ICRC will continue to work around the clock to ensure that all those who want can leave as soon as possible, and will continue to give priority to the most urgent cases, such as the injured and sick.

In addition, the SARC with the support of the ICRC is facilitating the transfer of civilians of Foua and Kefraya through Western Rural Aleppo to Aleppo City.


Location: Aleppo, Syria

Length: 1:24

Format: HD H264 mov

Sound: English

Ref: AV579N

15 December: Aleppo, Syria

00:00 – 00:27 Scenes of destruction in Aleppo.

00:27 – 00:47 ICRC vehicles driving along road with buses preparing for the evacuation, with SARC ambulances at the front and destroyed buildings in the back.

00:47 – 01:10 Convoy of ICRC vehicles as seen through back window of another ICRC vehicle.

00:10 – 01:25 Convoy of ICRC vehicles as seen through front window of another ICRC vehicle.

01:25 – 01:54 ICRC staff and SARC volunteers observing convoy ambulances passing by.

01:54 – 02:20 SARC ambulances in convoy with ICRC vehicles.

02:20 – 02:29 Observing convoy passing from the road above.

02:29 – 02:50 SARC volunteers taking wounded man to ambulance.

02:50 – 03:06 Bus carrying people during the evacuation operation.

For further information, please contact:

Syria / regional

Ingy Sedky, ICRC Damascus, +963 930 336 718
Ralph El Hage, ICRC Amman, tel: +962 7 7845 4382

Global contacts

ICRC Geneva: Krista Armstrong, (+41) 79 447 37 26,

ICRC London: Matthew Morris, (+44) 7720040080,

ICRC Washington: Anna Nelson (+1)202 3611566,

ICRC Moscow: Galina Balzamova, (+7) 9037840200, 




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On Screen Credit: ICRC or logo

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