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24-02-2012 | Middle East

SYRIA : ICRC and Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Homs

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) volunteers currently in Homs have started evacuating women and children from Bab Amro, the neighbourhood most affected by the violence in the city. Both ICRC and SARC had arrived to Homs early afternoon today and have been negotiating with the Syrian authorities and the opposition in order to evacuate all persons in need of help without exception. 

Says ICRC spokesperson, Carla Haddad: "Homs has been cut off in the past days from life saving medical care. We think it is crucial for the ICRC and then Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers to be able to evacuate those who need it most."

The ICRC and the SARCS are attempting to evacuate all those in need, without distinction, be they children, women, sick or wounded. Three ambulances of the SARC have managed to enter Bab Amro and hopefully more will follow.

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