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International Day of Disabled Persons: Sport Gives Hope for Many


Place:  Al Jinan University, Tripoli, North Lebanon

Event : 1st Annual Hanna Lahoud International Wheelchair Basketball Tournamen

Date : Wednesday November 28 to Saturday December 1, 2018


00.00 – 00.25

Interview with player Abbas Nabil Karar from Iraq team

“I was wounded in 2007 after a terrorist attack, I had to leave school after that. I was disabled and desparate, but basketball became my only hope: it made me know that I am not just a disabled person, it raised me up.”

00.41 – 1.30   

Interview with player Laith al Mobayed from Syria team


“I received some training from here and there just to fulfil my dream to become  part of the Syrian national team.If you did not blend with the society, the society won’t take you in.so the main thing you need to do is to have a goal. This experience makes you more seasoned and experience and being part of the national team is a source of pride as I am representing my country. I hope I won’t disappoint anyone. My main message is that the family is everything and if they do not, they will be side-lined. We also have to be more productive and I wish everyone good luck as each effort shall be rewarded”

02.32 – 03.24

Interview with player Nabih  Al Shabaan from Syria team


“Basketball gives me hope and I adore it and love playing it. I wish there is more attention paid to it. We need better wheelchairs and better trainings so we can compete in bigger championships. My parents always treated me the same as my brother, we are equal and no difference between disabled and non-disabled within my family. We all do chores and work around the house. Sports frees you and makes you better”

03:52- 04:43

Interview with Player Zayed Rahem from Iraq team


“Sports means everything to me, it gave me motivation and be more social. Before, I did not even go out of the house but sport changed me. When I meet my team, I instantly feel better an change of mood. I bought the wheelchair I am play with on my expense, I have no sponsors whatsoever.”


Interview with the Indian team captain Suresh karki




Interview with player Javed Choudhari  from the Indian team


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